Thursday, 15 October 2009

I love that colour of his

I love that colour of his.It is a special one ,I can say.It makes me feel warm and cozy,
as if I were in a a little wooden hut in the Alpes ,enjoying a cup of hot chocolate,while
at the same time I feel like a medieval teenage princess who finally had a romantic moment with her one true love,secretely of course.
It is hard to find a name for that colour;it is more sweet than honey itself and more perplexing than hazel.I could describe it as a yellowish shade of brown,mixed with the melancholy of burnt ochra ,as well as the unveiled mystery of amber.And what makes that colour even more unique,is its 80's-like golden edge.
As a true colours-lover,I find it hard to resist to such an unusual and exquisit hue.Thus,
everytime I take one single glimpse of him,I find myself trapped in fairytale-alike delusions.
I enter an eternally sunny magical world,where I can smell the spicy fragrance of cinnamon ,
ginger and nutmeg combined with the ethereal scent of roses and lilies...
I love that colour of his.