Thursday, 3 December 2009

Through the Looking Glass

I am not going away,
I am staying right where I am
I keep my feet on the ground,
I am glancing at you-there is no sound
We are struggling to keep our eyes wide open,
but still ,
we are unable to see
beyond the blurry faces of the past
Some people claim
that truth is cruel,it brings us nothing but pain
But they do not know,
what hurts the most
They lie
to me
to you
to themselves
Then,is the moment
you realise
that all this time you were gazing at a distorted image of reality
The truth was hiding underneath
Now ,you are holding my hands
You are looking at me
and I can see that you are well aware of
the only way to unveil the truth
Truth was right before your eyes ,all this time
What you consider as Truth
is what I know as Bliss ...